Arthur Kong (Manager, Programmes)

Being passionate about training and the outdoors, Arthur believes that nature has great lessons to teach us. From scaling active volcanoes in Indonesia, to trekking in the European grasslands, there is always something insightful to learn from mother nature.

Arthur started his journey as a junior facilitator during his polytechnic years by volunteering with the many programmes at his institution. Interest in facilitation soon turned to a desire to further his knowledge and skills in helping and guiding people in their learning. Being also a strong believer in continuous learning, Arthur continued to pursue a certification as a NLP practitioner after completing his degree in Economics & Finance from the University of London.

Having decided to pursue a career in the field of training and development. Joining SLDC allows Arthur to use his interest in the outdoors to draw out learning moments for youths and adults by sharing his knowledge and experience with the people he meets.