Hamidi Hj. Ebi (Assistant Manager, Operations)

Hamidi’s love for nature and the outdoors drives his desire to ensure that Sarimbun Scout Camp is constantly maintained at the highest level while still keeping to its rustic character.

Maintaining a campsite that has a 40 year old history and so similar to its natural environment is no easy task. Together with Hamidi’s desire of enabling campers to obtain the best possible learning outcomes during their camping experience at Sarimbun demands that he needs to constantly come up with creative solutions to operational issues for a campsite set in nature.

Graduated from PSB Academy with a Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management, Hamidi has found tremendous love in his work in keeping the campsite as natural and as possible, and yet hospitable for campers. Knowledge in environmental camping concepts now demands that the campsite takes a focus on the impact it makes on the environment which can only be addressed by one whose love for the campsite is comparable to the love he has for his home.