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Adventure Camps


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At Sarimbun Camp, We have a wide range of facilities and resources to expose the participants of the camp to the outdoor environment. Enabling the participants to have a chance to experience the outdoor and get them to step out of their comfort zone, leaving the urban city and their electronic devices behind.By stepping out of their comfort zone, they are pushed to their limit physically and mentally to head towards their objectives and goals. Despite being out of their comfort zone, they will enjoy and have a fun and memorable camp. The Participants will be reminded of the values learnt and transfer and apply them into their daily life.

Outdoor Facilities offered by Sarimbun:
  1. Water activities
    (Rafting/ Bridge building/ Milo Slide)
  2. Low elements
  3. Intermediate Rope Course (IRC)
  4. Forest Trekking
  5. Tent Building
  6. Outdoor Cooking
    (Backwoodsman/Gas Stove/Tommy Cooker)
  7. Rock Climbing
  8. Team Challenge Pyramid (TCP) [Under Maintenance]
  9. Campfire