Outdoor learning can help build character

Having undergone the 21-Day Outward Bound Singapore Classic Challenge Course, I agree with the ideas raised during the SGfuture dialogues on how Singapore's parks


park connectors and waterways should be used. ("Outdoor learning, app for green tips among ideas at dialogue"; Jan 17)

During our expeditions under the programme, we were taught to leave minimal traces of ourselves behind. Just like how we hope to have a clean area to camp in or trek on, other users also hope for the same thing.

We not only learnt to spare a thought for others, but also to respect and appreciate the environment. After all, making Singapore a clean and green city is not just the Government's responsibility, but ours as well.

The camping on Pulau Ubin and kayaking to the Southern Islands taught me teamwork, discipline and how to enjoy the little things in life.

I hope that we can make better use of our green and blue belts through Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) activities such as camping and canoeing.

I believe that OAE activities will help strengthen the character of our youth so they will be able to face future challenges.

Xu Kaijing, 17, Year 2 junior college student